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Welcome To St.Xaviers School
Jiyanpur Azamgarh

St. Xaviers School is the First International its kind in Azamgarh. The school will play an important role in preparing community leaders in the field of Science, Arts, Business, Industry, Politics and Sports. At St. Xaviers School, we aim at making children capable of becoming responsible and productive members of a global society. Here knowledge, skills and attitudes are inculcated in children through learning experiences and opportunities created for them in the school. It is in the class room that learners can analyze and evaluate their experiences, learn to doubt, to question, 'to investigate and are driven to think independently. We firmly believe that knowledge should be imparted not only to make the learners literate but to educate them life skills, attitudes, emotions and values are equally crucial for the holistic development of the children. We are determined to maximize opportunity for everyone in our community by utilizing best practice strategies in a collaborative, co-operative and supportive environment. It is with great pleasure that we welcome you at the St. Xaviers School.

Management's Desk
From the Directors's Desk


Where do I begin?

There are certain facts that are universal and are least likely to change. Like them it is also a fact that a child is considered to be a representative of God. He stands for purity, innocence and unbound potential yet as parents and grown-ups we often fail to recognize the same in the hustle of earning bread and butter.

( Mr.Sanjay Kumar Pathak )
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Our Achievements
A Glance at our Achievements
Our Toppers
Students (2019-2020)
Class - X
  • Annuraja 95.2%
  • Archita Singh 95%
  • Shipra Singh 94.2%
  • Prashant Rai 93.6%
  • Priyanshu Yadav 93.6%
  • Deepali Jaiswal 93.4%
  • Nishant yadav 93.4%
  • Asra Khan 93.4%
  • Pradeep Chaurasiya 92.4%
  • Devi Dayal Mishra 90.8%
  • Sankar Singh 89.8%
Class - XII
St.Xaviers School
Jiyanpur, Azamgarh

Retaining No. 1 Rank in Azamgarh From last 3 consecutive years.

"Beautifull therefore and truly Solemn is the vocation of all those who assist parents in fulfilling their task, and who reoresent human society as well, by undertaking the role of a school teacher. This calling requires extraordinary qualities of mind and heart, extremely carefull preparation. and a consequent readiness to berenewed a new and to adapt."

Facilities & Infrastructure
World Class Academic Infrastructure
  • GYM
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St.Xaviers School
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